Spark Detection / Fire Suppression

Safety First. For applications involving combustible dust, Effective Controls East offers spark detection and fire suppression systems from Hansentek for protection of dust collectors and air conveyance systems. Ask our industrial air specialists for a combustion / explosion risk assessment to recommend any protection measures needed, from housekeeping improvements to implementation of protection equipment. Components of protection systems include spark detectors, spray nozzles, control panels, sensors, and abort dampers.

Spark Detectors

Ultra-Sensitive, Fast-Response. Our line of infra-red spark detectors from Hansentek are high speed, ultra sensitive optical radiant energy sensors designed to detect small sparks or particles of burning or smoldering material being transported in pneumatic conveying ducts. The infra-red detectors are extremely sensitive to very small quantities of radiant energy and their response is faster than that of any other detector. Hansentek detectors are constructed of durable materials, feature a smooth surface to help self-clean, and are configured for easy mounting.

Spray Nozzles

Built to Withstand Tough Environments. Because the pneumatic duct conveys a high density and often abrasive type of material, the nozzles of Hansentek spray assemblies for dust collection ductwork are constructed of durable stainless steel and close tightly when not in use to prevent clogging. The spray nozzles also have a very smooth, low-profile wear-resistant design. Hansentek spray assemblies for use in baghouses are also designed with spiral shaped one-piece nozzles to resist wear and clogging.