Oil Mist/Smoke Extraction

1. Collector With Arm for Steel GrindingAirflow Systems 1200 collector with easy-to-position extractor arm is used to collect dust, smoke and mist from a steel grinding operation.

2. Mist Collectors for Machining CentersAirflow Systems MP4 mist collectors are used to extract oil mist at machining facility.

3. Ceiling-Mounted Collector for Machining CenterAirflow Systems MP14 mist collector provides oil mist collection for a machining facility.

4. Floor-Mounted Collector for Machining CenterAirflow Systems MP-60 mist collector extracts oil mist at machining facility.

5. Ceiling-Mounted Industrial Air CleanerAIrflow Systems F120 collects oil mist.

6. Mist Collectors for Machining OperationsAirflow Systems MP-30 units collect oil mist.

7. Ceiling-Mounted Industrial Air Cleaners Airflow Systems model F-120 air cleaners collect oil mist.

8. Multiple Mist Collectors for Machining FacilityAirflow Systems model Mist-Pac's collect oil mist from various machining applications.

9. Mist Collector for Surface Grinding Trion model MP 600M collects oil mist from surface grinding applications.

10. Milling Dust CollectorAirflow Systems MP-14 collecting dust at a horizontal machining center.