Weld Smoke Extraction

1. Weld Smoke and Grinding Dust Collection: Metal FabricationAirex Industries DCCH-20 cartridge dust collector collects smoke from welding and also dust from grinding operations.

2. Welding Smoke Collection: SchoolAirflow Systems F-240 industrial air cleaner filters welding smoke collected from a welding lab at a vocational school.

3. Welding Smoke Collection: FabricatorAirflow Systems F-240 industrial air cleaner collects welding smoke at a metal fabrication facility.

4. Welding Smoke Collection: Custom HoodCustom-fabricated plasma hood with sight glass captures welding smoke.

5. Welding Smoke Collection: External Dust CollectorFilter-1 Pulsatron PFV-24-40 cartridge dust collector removes welding smoke from a lab at a vocational school.

6. Weld Smoke Source CaptureAirflow Systems model F122 air cleaner is equipped with extractor arms to capture welding smoke directly at the source.

7. Weld Smoke ExtractionAirflow Systems model HC-4 cartridge collector equipped with (2) 10' long EZ arm fume extractors captures weld smoke.

8. Weld Smoke Collection: Robotic WeldingAirflow Systems model HC-4 cartridge collectors remove welding smoke from a robotic welding application.