Air Cleaners

Achieving Ambient Air Quality. Industrial air cleaners can be used effectively to capture almost any type of indoor air pollutant. Some applications include welding, grinding, sanding and machining. Effective Controls East offers a complete line of commercial and industrial air cleaning equipment from Airflow Systems, Industrial Maid, and Filter-1. Each type of air cleaner is available in many different sizes and configurations. Air flow capacity ranges from 400 cfm (cubic feet per minute) to 20,000 cfm. These units are available in portable and stationary models. The choice to use a portable unit or install a stationary unit will depend on several factors, such as the availability of floor space, wall space and whether the unit will be used to collect pollutants from more than one location.

Options. Industrial air cleaners are available with a long list of options and accessories. Some of these are inlet plenums, fume / dust extractors, noise silencers, and pressure gauges. Stainless steel construction and special epoxy coatings are also available for corrosive applications.

Media Air Cleaners

Designed to Fit the Application. Media air cleaners use up to four stages of filtration to effectively clean pollutants from the air stream. A combination of washable and disposable filters are used depending on the application. Various types of filters, such as extended surface bags, pleated cartridges, HEPA's and activated carbon, can be used depending on the pollutant to be collected.

Cartridge Air Cleaners

High Efficiency, Low Maintenance. Cartridge air cleaners feature self-cleaning cartridges for heavy-duty applications, with air flows up to 10,000 CFM. These free-hanging, easy maintenance units provide efficient, economical collection of airborne pollutants from shop dust, to dry chemicals, to smoke. With totally enclosed direct-drive motor-blowers for quiet operation and long life, the cartridge air cleaners also come equipped with silencers to further reduce operating noise.