Components & Fittings for Every Industrial Ventilation Need. The air specialists at Effective Controls East offer all the equipment and expertise you need to design and install the optimal ductwork system for your facility. Our broad range of products includes a comprehensive line of clamp-together ductwork from US Duct as well as the Monoxivent FRP product line of composite ductwork, including Underduct for underslab HVAC duct and Corrosion Composites, a durable, corrosion-resistant line of ductwork for corrosive and hostile environments such as chemical processing plants and food processing.

underduct ducting installation

Clamp-Together Ductwork

Our Laser Welded Clamp Together Ducting (CTD) is a ducting system that incorporates a gasketed, over-center clamp to draw together and seal the rolled lip formed on the end of ALL components. The system is available in galvanized and SS material. Standard gauges range from 18-24-gauge with the rolled lip formed directly onto the pipe- as an integral part of the pipe. The system is also available in gauges up to 10-gauge. In this configuration a separate collar is used on the end of the pipe and fitted to the pipe the same as if it were a fitting. The Clamp Together Ducting system is infinitely adjustable, owing to the use of an adjustable sleeve and the adjustable collar found on each fitting. This feature combined with the clamping action greatly reduces installation time to be 70% faster than standard spiral or flanged duct. Elbows of multiple styles, branches, cut-offs, reducers, adapters and hoods are all fitted with the adjustable collars to further speed the installation.

Clamp-Together Tubing

US Tubing’s Clamp-Connect system is modular, fully welded, securely tight and has a clamp-and-gasket joining system. Each component terminates in a Vanstone edge (a 5/16" turned out lip) that allows it to be joined to the next piece using a sealing gasket and high strength clamp.  The components (pipe, branches, elbows, etc.) are standard 16-gauge metal (galvanized, stainless steel, painted) with a range of 22 to 14 gauge available upon request. The airtight seals and overall specifications of US Tubing’s modular/clamp and flange-connect systems are particularly well suited for coolants, lubricants, and other wet collection applications.